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Console games video games that failed.
The year of 2016 is perhaps on course to become one of the great years in gaming history as a host of already superb titles are complemented by the impressive list of games still yet to come.

Unfortunately, the year hasn’t been perfect, and amongst 2016’s biggest highs we’ve also seen some crushing disappointments. We’re talking not necessarily about the games that were just bad, but rather, the games that fell short of expectation after promising to deliver so much more than they ultimately did.
Homefront: the Revolution


For many, Homefront: The Revolution was perhaps the most inevitable video game disappointment of the year so far. After a very long and tortured development that had passed through three separate studios, gamers should probably have had their hopes and expectations in check prior to its release, especially following the atrocious closed beta.


But still, Homefront: The Revolution was launched with a host of technical issues that totally ruined its gameplay. In fact, the game was broken to near comical levels, which is particularly irritating given that most of the bugs were quite noticeable in the closed beta.
Mirror’s edge:Catalyst


On paper, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst looked very promising; an expanded open world setting, a rebooted storyline and polished parkour gameplay that did away with a first person shooting entirely. Everything seemed in place for the franchise to realize its potential, and the sequel was expected to rectify many of the issues that were considered mere teething problems for the original. Sadly, that simply hasn’t been the case, as Catalyst makes only moderate improvements to its predecessor and its larger game environment creates more problems than it solves.
Quantum Break


Quantum Break is definitely not a terrible game, but it’s hardly the console defining new IP that we had hoped it would turn out to be. Undoubtedly, the game’s main appeal was its spin on bullet time; the ability to slow down and manipulate the environment set it apart from other third person action titles.
Ultimately, the game fails to reach the heights of Remedy’s previous titles, and for an experience with such an emphasis on story, its hybrid video game-TV show concept really does little to add to proceedings. Quantum Break feels more like an experiment than an actual attempt at creating a truly outstanding gameplay experience.


Battleborn looks to capitalize on the overwhelming current popularity of MOBA hybrids, and developer Gearbox Software hasn’t been shy about labeling the game as a cohesive and innovative blend of genres. Yet, even since the earliest gameplay presentations, the developer’s commentary on why Battleborn should be considered a compelling title felt a little desperate.
On paper, Battleborn has everything going for it: a cast of colourful characters, gameplay that looks like an interesting spin on MOBA, and a fairly substantial single player offering. But despite the overuse of industry buzz words during gameplay demonstrations, and a flashy marketing campaign prior to launch, Battleborn fails to stand apart. The crux of the issue is that Battleborn just isn’t compelling at all, and rather than feeling unique, the core of its gameplay revolves around a tried and tested MOBA formula that exists, in much better form, elsewhere.


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