Daughter Shukshina answered Sadalsky’s accusations of poisoning Alibasov

Anna Shukshina, daughter of actress Maria Shukshina, has rejected the allegations that she poisoned producer Bari Alibasov.

Such accusations were previously made by actor Stanislav Sadalsky.

“I do not know why Sadalsky said so. I have excellent relations with Bari Alibasov, and we communicate normally,” Anna Shukshina said.

“They themselves cannot earn. Only the grandmother is torn apart, ”Sadalsky wrote on Instagram.

Anna Shukshina herself stated that she could not provide new information about Alibasov’s condition and was not yet in the hospital. “At the moment, no one is allowed to see him,” she said.

Alibasov was hospitalized the day before.

Last year, the producer married actress Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina.