Director Alibasova explains his performance with poisoning

PR director Bari Alibasova Vadim Gorzhankin explained his words about his “performance” with the poisoning of the producer and said that there was no fraud.

“I meant that everything that happens in our life is a performance,” Gorozhankin said.

He added that throughout the entire period of treatment, representatives of the showman constantly talked about Alibasov’s state of health.

Gorozhankin also noted that there is all official evidence about how Alibasov was poisoned and how his treatment went.

The PR director emphasized that the showman is feeling better and is also preparing new creative projects, which he will announce later.

Earlier it was reported that Bari Alibasov was suspected of staging his poisoning. A gastroenterologist, MD, Vitaliy Rumyantsev, said there were inconsistencies in the incident with the poisoning of the producer.