Ukrainian MP declares the impossibility of returning Crimea

Verkhovna Rada deputy Oleg Voloshin spoke about the idea of ​​returning the Crimean peninsula to Ukraine. He stated that this issue was closed.

Voloshin noted that the inhabitants of the peninsula will not allow “Ukraine to take Crimea to itself.”

“We are resolving the conflict in the Donbass, and that the Ukrainian armed forces will go to liberate the Crimea? Why don’t we release Donbass?” Voloshin added.

The deputy said that the situation in the Donbass is the main problem before the establishment of dialogue between Russia and Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky promised to return the Crimea.

In March 2014, a referendum was held in Crimea, following which the peninsula became a territorial part of Russia, and Sevastopol became a city of federal significance. The Ukrainian side expressed protest and disagreement with the results of the referendum.