Ukrainian authorities convicted of falsification of census

The public organization Ukrainian Public Data Center stated that the electronic census of the country’s population at the end of January was made by multiplying by 0.888 digits of the State Statistics Service, the organization’s website reported.

It is specified that the experts used the file “Estimation of the existing population of Ukraine” in the calculations in the Telegram channel of the Minister Dmitry Dubilet, who conducted this census.

The experts compared the data on the gender and age of the population with the information from the State Statistics Service and noted that in each age group there is approximately the same ratio.

Then the experts recreated the application of the coefficient 0.888 to the data of the Goskomstat, generating with almost 100 percent accuracy the data published by Dubilet.

At the end of January, Dubilet presented the results of a trial census, according to which the population of Ukraine has decreased since 2001 by 11.45 million to 37 million people.