Kolomoisky wins another trial for Privatbank

The court fully satisfied the lawsuit controlled by Igor Kolomoisky Cypriot company Triantal Investments Ltd on the procedure for the forced conversion of shares into the capital of Privatbank during nationalization, local media has reported.

In particular, the plaintiff’s requirements were satisfied in terms of canceling the decision of the NBU, which determined the list of individuals and legal entities associated with Privatbank.

The NBU noted that this decision of the National Bank is one of the main ones in the process of withdrawing the insolvent Privatbank from the market in December 2016 with the participation of the state.

The regulator recalled that during this process the “bail-in” procedure was carried out, which consisted of the exchange of funds of persons associated with the bank for shares of the bank with the subsequent sale to the Ministry of Finance.

Earlier, Kolomoisky called Poroshenko his puppet, as well as a “fool” for his attempt to get the 1 + 1 TV channel through the nationalization of Privatbank.