Lazarev answers a provocative question about Ukraine

Russian pop singer Sergei Lazarev, after arriving in Israel to participate in Eurovision, answered a British journalist if he would miss Ukraine, which refused to participate in the international song contest and could not vote for it.

Lazarev replied that he regrets that he can’t see Eurovision rejected due to the harsh conditions of the contract with Ukrainian producers Maruv. “As for Ukraine, I think that not everything is so simple. Again, politics breaks in and tries to set the conditions and framework. Many people are already tired that politics is constantly interfering,” Lazareva says.

Lazarev also recalled that Eurovision was created after the Second World War in order to unite countries, and when some states set the framework and announce boycotts, this is wrong. “We are here for music – so let’s make music,” says Lazarev.

The pop singer added that each country has its own tight contracts for Eurovision, and he is not familiar with the Ukrainian document, but admits that Ukraine could add additional points to the contract – such as refusing concerts in Russia. Lazarev stressed that he has no right to judge the actions of Maruv.

Earlier it was reported that Sergey Lazarev went to the final of Eurovision.