Verka Serduchka speaks about the children of Potap and Nastya

The artist Andrei Danilko, who sang at the wedding of Ukrainian pop stars Potap and Nastya in the image of a shocking conductor Verka Serdyuchka, spoke about their plans for parenthood.

As Danilko said in an interview, the appearance at the celebration of Serdyuchka was the desire of Nastya Kamensky. “At a normal party, Serdyuchka should sing – not some kind of double. Of course, I would never have taken money from them. It’s not even a matter of a present, but that people are looking for emotions and a good mood,” he shared.

Danilko noted that Kamensky is not going to end his musical career and plans to have married children. “When we chatted between shots, Nastya said that she wanted children. And this is a natural desire,” said the artist.

Alexey Potapenko and Nastya Kamensky met 13 years ago, for a long time performed a duet and hid their relationship. The couple formalized their relationship on May 23.