Putin spoke about the place of liberalism in the world

Russian leader Vladimir Putin believes that in the modern world liberalism does not have the right to absolute dominance and dictatorship.

According to Putin, the liberal idea does not need to be “destroyed,” as it ceases to dominate. He added that she still has a right to exist and support.

He admitted that he was not a supporter of “immediately shutting up, tying, closing, dismissing, arresting everyone, dispersing them.” And he noted that liberalism even needs to be supported in some way.

However, according to Putin, before that in the world there had almost never been any implementation of purely liberal ideas, so “everything starts to come down to some extremes.”

“We need to be able to exist and express ourselves to different ideas and different opinions, but never forget about the interests of the main population,” Putin concluded.

Earlier, Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko announced the collapse of American liberalism.