Rosstat has for the second time in 2019 noted deflation in Russia

Rosstat noted a decrease in consumer prices in Russia from August 6 to 12 by 0.1%. It is noted that this is the second deflation in the country for the current year.

A week earlier, inflation showed a zero level, and since January it has gained 2.6%. On August 12, the annual inflation rate was about 4.5%.

Last week, from August 5 to 11, prices for chicken eggs increased by 1.3%, millet by 0.8%, lamb, chicken and frozen fish went up by 0.4%, the cost of beef, cream and sunflower oil increased by 0.3%, and prices for half-smoked sausages, cheeses, rice and caramel increased by 0.2%.

At the same time, prices for granulated sugar fell by 1%, and vodka and chocolate candies by 0.2%. Fruits and vegetables fell in price by an average of 3%, tomatoes by 9.2%, carrots by 5.6%, potatoes by 5.4%, and onions by 5%.

Prices for gasoline and diesel remained the same.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Agriculture responded to a statement by Rosstat about the rise in the price of bread.